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Born in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires in 1985, I embarked on a lifelong journey into the world of music. With a rich educational background from renowned institutions such as the Buenos Aires School of Music, the National Academy of Tango, and the National University of Arts, I attained 3 degrees, the highest of which was my Masters in Music Composition.

As a performer, I went through rock, blues, jazz and South American music, but where I delved the most was in Argentine Tango. I played solo, in duets, trios, quintets and even orchestras. I performed in more than 50 cities in Argentina, Europe, USA and Oceania, and I even obtained recognitions from the Ministry of Culture of Argentina on two occasions.

As a composer, I write music on demand for various formats. I seek to evoke stories within an academic language, flavored by influences from around the world. My works were played by renowned performers, ensembles and orchestras in Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Austria and France. Since 2019, I have been part of the prestigious Argentinian Composers Association. In addition, in 2020 I was awarded by the AAC and the FAA for my work “Suite Libertadora” for symphonic band.

Teaching is also my passion. I have been doing it for more than 18 years already, both privately and for institutions. Technology is my great ally since it allows me to carry out all my activities no matter where I am. I have students all over the world, I participate in projects carried out in other countries and I was even a professor of Orchestration at the National University of the Arts in Argentina while living in Belgium.

I consider myself lucky: I do what I love, I love what I do.
Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy my music as much as I do.


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Barroca y porteña

Piece for two violins, composed by Flavio Romanelli.
Performed by Édua Zádory and Alexandra Tirsu 
at the Mozarthaus (Vienna).

Suite Libertadora

Suite for symphonic band composed by Flavio Romanelli, winning of the 1st Mention in the “Contest for Band 2020”, organized by the Argentine Association of Composers and the Argentine Air Force.

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Aún te espero

For solo piano. Dedicated to the memory of Guillermo Zalcman.
Performed by Melina Marcos at Aguaribay, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La Retobada​

Piece for accordion and string quintet, specially written by Flavio Romanelli for Les Musiciens de Strasbourg. Performed in the church Our Lady of Villé, France.

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El Mal Nacido (Tango nuevo)

Piece for tango trio, specially written by Flavio Romanelli for Tango Il Faut. 
Filmed in Antwerp, Belgium.

Insomnio (Tango nuevo)

Piece for tango trio, specially written by Flavio Romanelli for Tango Il Faut. 

Filmed in Doel, Belgium. Dancers: Brenno Marques and Eva Icikson.

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some of My works

The Wild Suite

Suite for symphonic band inspired by life on earth.

Aún te espero

Piece for solo piano, dedicated to the memory of maestro Guillermo Zalcman.

Aire de tierra adentro

Piece for solo guitar with influence of Argentine folkloric roots.

Fantasía Andaluza

Work originally written for clarinet and string orchestra. Also available adaptation for clarinet and string quartet.

Let's make music!

Music production

Consulting and production for various projects: Studio recordings, live shows, film music / theater music / radio music, and everything that needs music.

Private lessons

Worldwide online lessons: Tango Guitar, Composition, Arrangements, Harmony, Theory and more.

Compositions and arrangements

Music composition for all kinds of projects. Arrangements and adaptations to different styles or different instruments.


Do you have a project that needs music? Do you want to take private classes? Write me and tell me a little more…

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