Tango Il Faut: European Tour 2024

I’m happy to tell you that Tango Il Faut returns to the ‘Old Continent’ for the sixth time! That’s right, me and my colleagues from Argentina will be offering concerts, workshops and TDJ in many cities of Belgium, Germany and Austria.

In addition to our usual repertoire (made up of classics of the genre and own compositions), we will be promoting new songs that are part of our new album “Agitando el avispero” released in 2023. You can listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/intl-es/artist/7GSg3jfR3uBl9pX3rgtAPL?si=P6-Mkml0Qsi7fiheRmXRFA

For the past 14 years we have had an active participation in the Buenos Aires tango music scene, highlighting milongas, festivals, TV shows, radio programs and collaboration with internationally renowned artists such as Sandra Mihanovich, Marita Monteleone, El Cachivache, Orquesta Típica La Vidú, Compañía Tempo Tango, Ache Rey, Julián Graciano, Moscato Luna, among others.

Would you like to know more? Visit the Tango Il Faut website by clicking here!

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