On-line Tango Guitar Workshops!

Throughout 2023, I will be carrying on monthly virtual workshops on a specific topic of tango guitar. Each one will cover an aspect of great importance to guitarists of all levels, and you can attend as many as you want.

We will talk about history, technique, theory, music analysis and much more. It has a very affordable price for the general public and it is FREE for students of my platform www.tangoguitarlessons.com

Check the calendar:
1) March 26th: Introduction to tango guitar and general harmonic aspects.
2) April 23rd: The Tango rhythms.
3) May 14th: What is a lead sheet… and how to get the most out of it!
4) June 18th: Classic tangos, vol. 1: “La Cumparsita”.
5) July 16th: How to combine rhythms ‘wisely’ in a tango piece.
6) August 27th: Tango licks and embellishments.
7) September 17th: Classic tangos, vol. 2: “A Media Luz”.
8) October 22nd: The structure of a tango piece.
9) November 19th: How to make an arrangement of your favorite tango.
10) December 10th: Classic tangos, vol. 3: the song will be chosen by student vote.

So, if you want to know more about tango music and the role of the guitar in it… Join us! 😀
You can check all the info here https://tangoguitarlessons.com/product/60-minute-online-workshop/

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