Symphonic work premiere: The Wild Suite

On September 23rd, my symphonic work “Wild Suite” was premiered at the Colón theater in the city of Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). It was performed by the Municipal Symphonic Band, under the conduction of Maestro José María Ulla, as part of the Federal Orchestra Plan runned by the Argentine Association of Composers.

This suite is one of my favorite works and it was written at the request of my dear composition teacher Guillermo Zalcman, whom I always carry in my memory and in my heart. Its theme is a tribute to nature and all forms of life on this planet, while inviting reflection on what we do with it.

My greatest thanks to maestro Ulla, his wonderful symphonic band and the Argentine Association of Composers who made it possible. Below, you will find some photos and the video of the premiere. Hope you enjoy it!

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