“Sounds of Argentina” by Amato & Flavio Romanelli

Experience the rich diversity of Argentine music at ‘The Sounds of Argentina’ concert. The talented Amato ensemble, along with Argentine guitarist and composer Flavio Romanelli, will perform a repertoire that spans different eras and styles. Enjoy works by Astor Piazzolla, Micaela Carballo, Mariano Mores, Enrique Mario Francini, and compositions by Flavio Romanelli himself.

This musical journey will take you from the academic to the popular, from the countryside to the city, and from classic pieces by established composers to world premieres by emerging talents. Join us for an evening that honors Argentina’s musical heritage, where you’ll discover a captivating blend of tradition and innovation in a melodic exploration of the nation’s soul.

Yuki Hori: Violin | Jeongsun Go: Violin
Dirk Vermoesen: Viola | Bea Schilders: Cello
Noriko Ito: Clarinet | Urbain Boodts: Piano
Flavio Romanelli: Guitar

Sunday, December 10th 2023, at 3 PM
Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans
Eggestraat 13, 2640, Mortsel (Antwerp, Belgium).
Tickets: €20 (available at the door – cash only).

After the concert, enjoy a drink with the musicians!

New piece for solo piano: Adiós, goodbye, aurevoir!

Recently, I have finished writing a new solo piano piece called “Adiós, goodbye, aurevoir!”, dedicated to our planet as we know it today. Will it continue to be like this for much longer? What will the future be like?

This work was specially written for my friend, the great pianist Lorena Torales Lisowsky. It will soon be released in France. There will be more news very soon…

Guest composer at a festival in France

The prestigious French chamber music ensemble Les Musiciens de Strasbourg invited me to work with them for the premiere of my piece “La rebada” written especially for them.

The concert took place on Tuesday, August 15, at the Our Lady of Villé church, near the city of Strasbourg, in France. It was within the framework of the Festi’Val Passeurs de Musique pa l’Ensemble K in which beautiful pieces of academic music from all eras could be heard.

Here I share the performance of my work. Hope you like it!

European Tour 2023 with Tango Il Faut

Our new European tour has started! During April, May and June 2023, we will be performing concerts in several cities in Belgium, Germany and Austria presenting our latest album “Agitando el avispero”.

We will be playing in concert halls, art exhibitions and tango milongas. You can find all the information in the image, or on the group’s social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Hope to see you there to enjoy a tango night together!

My latest album is now available on all platforms!

Made of 12 powerful pieces, both instrumental and sung, this album offers a communion between traditional tango and new tango. You can hear classics like “Muchacho”, “Tú, el cielo y tú”, “Esta noche de luna” and “Paciencia”; a beautiful version of “Oblivion” by Astor Piazzolla led by the double bassist; and 4 compositions by Flavio Romanelli with a clear avant-garde imprint that adds a rock aesthetic within a tango context.

“Agitando el avispero” has its roots in tradition, but it scales and projects to the present.

Listen to it online
Spotify: https://shorturl.at/aduKM
YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_ntKl6ldgVVUrK37ta-ouU8KRttnNrM-W0
Amazon Music: https://shorturl.at/cKRT9
Deezer: https://deezer.page.link/REvj5aNLa8Xi69JEA

Sounds of Argentina: Amato Ensemble + Flavio Romanelli

On Saturday, April 22nd, at 8 PM, I will have the honor of sharing a concert with the excellent Amato Ensemble. Together we will explore different Argentine music, both from the academic and folk fields. We will perform works by Mariano Mores, Enrique Francini, Astor Piazzolla, Micaela Carballo and Flavio Romanelli.

You can book your ticket at https://www.kunstenzoo.com/live-recording or write to info@kunstenzoo.com if you have questions. Don’t wait too long to book your seat, there are only 40 seats available!

Saturday, April 22nd, at 8 PM at Sint-Jans plein 53, Antwerp, 2000.
Tickets: €12

Yuki Hori: Violin
Jeongsun Go: Violin
Dirk Vermoesen: Viola
Bea Schilders: Cello
Noriko Ito: Clarinet
Urbain Boodts: Piano
Flavio Romanelli: Guitar

NEW: European Tango Tour 2023!

During the spring of 2023, I will be doing a fantastic European tour with my trio Tango Il Faut through Belgium, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. It will be a very special occasion since we will be promoting the release of our new album “Agitando el avispero”: an album full of energy which combines traditional and new tango.

Check all the dates, maybe we will visit your city!
April 28th – Antwerp, Belgium, at Beatrijs
April 29th – Antwerp, Belgium, at Casa 32 (Milonga)
May 6th – Brasschaat, Belgium, at Sint-Josefkapel Art Gallery
May 7th – Antwerp, Belgium, at La Luna (Milonga)
May 13th – Antwerp, Belgium, at Kunstenzoo
May 16th – Dresden, Germany, outdoor milonga organized by @cristianjavier007
May 17th – Dresden, Germany, at Nibs Cacao
May 20th – Ingolstadt, Germany, at Tango In Ingolstadt (Milonga)
May 21st – Burghausen, Germany, at Tango In Burghausen (Brunch Milonga)
May 22nd – Munich, Germany, Milonga Loca – Tango Connection (Milonga)
May 23rd – Stuttgart, Germany, at Schlampazius
May 24th – Bregenz, Austria, at Tangissimo (Milonga)
May 26th – Brussels, Belgium at Tango Factory
May 27th – Brussels, Belgium at Art Base

More info: www.ilfaut.com.ar

On-line Tango Guitar Workshops!

Throughout 2023, I will be carrying on monthly virtual workshops on a specific topic of tango guitar. Each one will cover an aspect of great importance to guitarists of all levels, and you can attend as many as you want.

We will talk about history, technique, theory, music analysis and much more. It has a very affordable price for the general public and it is FREE for students of my platform www.tangoguitarlessons.com

Check the calendar:
1) March 26th: Introduction to tango guitar and general harmonic aspects.
2) April 23rd: The Tango rhythms.
3) May 14th: What is a lead sheet… and how to get the most out of it!
4) June 18th: Classic tangos, vol. 1: “La Cumparsita”.
5) July 16th: How to combine rhythms ‘wisely’ in a tango piece.
6) August 27th: Tango licks and embellishments.
7) September 17th: Classic tangos, vol. 2: “A Media Luz”.
8) October 22nd: The structure of a tango piece.
9) November 19th: How to make an arrangement of your favorite tango.
10) December 10th: Classic tangos, vol. 3: the song will be chosen by student vote.

So, if you want to know more about tango music and the role of the guitar in it… Join us! 😀
You can check all the info here https://tangoguitarlessons.com/product/60-minute-online-workshop/

Live show with the great violinist Ann Vancoillie

On February 26, 2023, I had the pleasure of performing a show with the great Belgian violinist Ann Vancoillie. She contributed her enormous talent and knowledge of classical music, I contributed my knowledge of tango. Together, we created a magical night where games, improvisation and spontaneity were the vehicle to link tango with jazz concepts.

Here are some videos from that magical night at the Gregor Samsa bookstore in Ghent. I hope you enjoy them!



Recording a new album with my tango trio!

During November 2022, we have jumped into the recording studio again with Tango il Faut. We made the recordings of 12 songs, 4 of them composed by me and 8 reversions of classics of the genre, which will be part of our third album entitled “Agitando el avispero”.

Very soon this work will be finished and you will be able to enjoy it on all digital platforms. In addition, we will be promoting it with a big European tour in spring 2023. Stay tuned for the news!